Drive Hide Tips

Hide Hard Drive Without Using Any Software

If your computer use your friends or other people but you don't show them your personal file or document then  its not a safe environment for your personal files or document. But you can hide your drive by flow a simple technique. After process this trick your targeted  drive is hidden from my computer and nobody knows there is one another drive there. So you can easily safe your all document.

1.First  go to  start menu-> Accessories->Run-> (or  use windows + [r] shortcut) type diskpart” and hit enter. It will ask for conformation, click yes.

2.This will open up the cmd, type in the following command "list volume" and hit Enter( a list of drives will appear showing volumes , and letter assign to them etc).

3.Then select the targeted volume that you want to hide. If you want to hide volume 2 then type "select volume 2"and hit enter.

4.It will show “volume 2 is selected “. Now just remove the drive name that you want to hide by typing  this command “remove letter f”, and hit enter.

   Now check your targeted drive is don't show in my computer.

How to get your hidden drive

1.Repeat step 1,2 and 3 from previous proces

2.Now type this command “ assign letter f” and hit enter. Now check for the drive in my computer, it will back again.

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